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PRP Facial Rejuvenation

By Dr. Brady on June 29, 2017

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has exploded onto the scene of regenerative medicine in the past several years. It was made famous in sports medicine for helping with Kobe Bryant's nagging knee injury and Alex Rodriguez had a similar treatment with successful outcomes.

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Topics: Anti-Aging Medicine, Skin Care

What the GAC?!! How this injection can help you lose weight and retain muscle

By Dr. Brady on June 27, 2017

GAC is an tri-amino injection. GAC (Glutamine-Arginine-Carnitine) is a performance blend supplement that may help with muscle building (Glutamine), fat loss (Carnitine) and muscle pump (Arginine). Users of this blend also report increases in energy. It is most beneficial in those on a low-carb diet.

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Topics: TRT, weight loss

The Fat Hormone and Belly Fat

By Dr. Brady on May 22, 2017

Leptin, a recently discovered hormone, regulates body weight by suppressing food intake and/or increasing energy expenditure.

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Topics: Functional Medicine

Medical Cannabis on NBC

By Dr. Brady on May 11, 2017

In case you missed the news last night, our very own Dr. Heywood was interviewed by NBC6 news Miami.

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The Blood Test That Predicts Cardiovascular Death

By Dr. Brady on April 17, 2017

Even when everything else on your annual physical is "normal" this predictive blood marker for heart health is a must-have to predict your risk of premature death.

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Topics: Functional Medicine

6 Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Chronic Pain

By Dr. Brady on March 7, 2017

Chronic pain is ongoing, but oftentimes it is manageable  (if not curable). How you manage pain on a day-to-day basis can make a huge impact on your overall sense of well-being. Physical pain can impact your mental, emotional, spiritual and social health, causing a snowball effect.

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Florida Marijuana Dispensaries

By Dr. Brady on February 12, 2017

Florida is among the latest states to legalize the use and utilization of marijuana. Since the legalization, the market has continued to grow and attract thousands of users, doctors, farmers, researchers and even activists. 

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Headache treatment in Miami

By Dr. Brady on February 8, 2017

There is no such thing as a "normal" headache!
A headache is your body's way of letting you know that there is something wrong. There are many types of headaches. The first step in knowing what to do about your headache is to understand the various types:

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Topics: Chiropractic, NUCCA

7 Reasons to visit your local Miami chiropractor

By Dr. Brady on January 30, 2017

Many people think that chiropractors only treat patients who have been in a car accident or who have had some kind of sports injury.

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Topics: Chiropractic, NUCCA