Diabetic neuropathy relief with medical cannabis

Diabetic neuropathy relief with medical cannabis

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Diabetic neuropathy relief with medical cannabis

Diabetes is a very common and growing widespread disease. Diabetes Type II is known as inuslin resistance diabetes. It is the result of chronic elevations of blood sugar and a decrease in the sensitivity of insulin released from the pancreas. It can be controlled with lifestyle modification, proper exercise and diabetic medicine in some cases to avoid any further damage to the body due to this malicious disease.
One of the most frustrating symptoms of this disease is a type of nerve damage that is also known as Diabetic Neuropathy (it mostly affects legs and feet). It is a serious complication of diabetes but can be prevented, controlled and even in some cases reversed. 

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy varies from mild pain to severe burning and is also associated with digestive system issues, heart and urinary system problems. 

  • numbness
  • burning
  • pain
  • tingling

What You Should Do

Since diabetic neuropathy can affect the sensation due to damage to small blood vessels and resultant nerves, there are several lifestyle habits to implement to prevent serious damage. These include

  • check you feet and legs daily for any signs of necrosis or punctures in the skin.
  • examine toenails and have a podiatrist or dermatologist examine periodically.
  • wear proper sized shoes
  • use lotion for dry skin

How Does Cannabis Help?

Firstly. cannabis or medical marijuana may help stabilize the blood glucose level. Secondly, it can improve good blood circulation as it a vasodilator. Moreover, it may help to reduce blood pressure over the time.

Furthermore, diabetic patients that have vascular complications and demonstrate high levels of serum VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) concentration, showed a significant decrease in the serum VEGF levels from medical cannabis consumption. These findings suggest another pathway that medical marijuana helps with diabetic neuropathy.

Medical cannabis also helps with the pain relief of the neuropathy.

Researches that favor medical cannabis have received biased remarks from all over the world, but with restrictions for use lifting, it gives hope that we will have increased number of studies on medical marijuana and its cannabinoids.


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